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Why Alzawaj4disabled? What are we here to offer?

This website has been designed for practising Muslims in our society who suffer from various disabilities, as well as those who have endured difficulties of finding marriage due to a condition they may have. These could include conditions such as; skin conditions, limb defects, alopecia, vitiligo, speech impediments and so on. We welcome all on this site to come and join, be confident searching for someone who will whole heartedly accept you for who you are!

Islam teaches us not to discriminate against anyone regardless of their race, religion or disablity. However the reality is very much different unfortunately, with many who face challenges in finding their soul mate because of their condition or disablity. It's time to make a change! By the will of Allah we are here to change this and to give you this right you deserve.

Alzawaj4disabled is here to provide a platform to find someone who is willing to look beyond the barrier of disablity or condition. A chance to complete half of your deen, whatever your condition. Ranging from amputees and wheelchair users to people with deformities or even those with conditions that are not apparent.

"And We have created everything in pairs, that perhaps you may remember." (51:49) Allah has already paired you with someone so start searching. SIGN UP TODAY!

How the wali messaging system works

When the muslima signs up she is required to input 3 sets of details for her wali.

  1. User name
  2. How is he related to you
  3. Password

From the 3 piece of information she provides the wali will have an account automatically made for himself on the site. So please remember both username and password

This account will be for him to read all messages that she has sent and received to insure there is no immoral or sinful speech between two people. He can also join a conversation if he pleases and delete members from not speaking to the person he is representing etc.

What is a wali? Who is he? And how is he involved?

First the wali should be the father in absence of the father the role of the wali falls onto either the brother or grandfather as there is a difference of opinion on this. In absence of them then it will fall onto either son, mother's brother (uncle) or father brother (uncle). If a female doesn't have any of these members or is a revert to Islam then she may have a respected pious member of the community as her Wali. The role of the Wali when it comes to marriage is, he make sure his female relative is protected in every way possible. And this includes loose talk that is not related to marriage.

The Wali is the middle man between the two individual. He makes sure all messages are related to marriage and are checked before each person receives a message. A wali can call off a marriage as he wishes but can NOT force the marriage.

What is a wali? Who is he? And how is he involved?

Alzawaj4disabled is very strict in regards to the islamic ruling pertaining to finding a spouse. As for the ones who fear Allah and are seeking to find a spouse in the correct manner, they will be the truly blessed and successful marriages inshaAllah.

We have a 'wali system' to ensure there will be no free mixing, loose and immoral speech between two individuals. We have sought advice from people of knowledge about the system to ensure it to be correct. We and our users should fear Allah in regards to this matter.